Our Special Edge

Our craftsmen have acquired their expertise from masters of the art over the past many generations. Thus all our products are handcrafted with extraordinary skill.

We have the ability to replicate to the finest detail weapons from all parts of the world.

All our products are hand-forged and crafted in detail.

Even as the essential work is done by hand, the necessary automation has been introduced to ensure standardization in quality, and speed of manufacture. We can, therefore, handle orders in bulk.

The materials used include high carbon spring  steel, brass, leather, wood, horn and aluminum.

Our emphasis is not only on perfect replication, according to our customers’ specifications that are, both, wholesalers and collectors, but also on quality control.

Our quality control managers ensure that only the best work is done at every stage. On the question of quality, there is absolutely no compromise.

Our large workforce ensures that there is a specialist at every stage of manufacture, with the master blacksmiths in overall supervision. This is possible only in Dehradun, with its large and trained workforce.

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